Senior Integration Project


Every graduate of Covenant College's liberal arts program will have completed a bachelor's thesis, known as the Senior Integration Project (SIP).

A SIP isn't a term paper that can be written shortly before it's due; it's the culmination of your learning as a Covenant student. Each department provides careful preparation to aid students in researching a topic and providing a consideration of that topic in light of our Reformed faith. The SIP provides a model of integrative activity that can inform faithful practice as graduates move from Covenant to their next area of vocation. Covenant students have used their SIPs to open doors to graduate schools, form the basis of master's theses, and even launch businesses and careers.

A Covenant student's Senior Integration Project is a demonstration of his or her level of achievement in the major field. It is a substantial paper, assessed in each of the following areas:


  • Mastery of content
  • Christian integration
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication relative to the construction or defense of the paper

Recent Senior Integration Project topics include:


  • An Overview and Treatment of the Body's Physiological Response to Stress
  • Hypertext and the Age of Connectivity
  • Is Writing Workshop an Effective Tool for Teaching Writing in the Early Grades of Kindergarten through Second Grade?
  • Victim, Cinderella, and Heroine: A Treatment of Women in Les Miserables
  • Stem Cell Research: Controversy and Achievement
  • Unveiling the Potential for Partnerships: A Holistic Development for Addressing Poverty
  • Reforming the French Officer Corps, 1758-1794
  • Non-conscious Information Processing
  • Embracing the Other: A Christian Approach to Counseling AIDS Patients in Africa
  • A New Sun Shining: Henry R. Luce's Editorial Policy in China from 1941 to 1949
  • Alban Berg's Wozzek: Music of a Time of Angst
  • Eradication of Neurocysticercosis in Underdeveloped Nations
  • Market Efficiency and the Biblical Framework